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Considered the creator of multicultural advertising, Jo has led Muse to national prominence for over three decades.  The company became America’s first multicultural advertising agency specializing in reaching diverse consumers by producing award-winning work for world-class clients such as American Honda, Nike, Wells Fargo, U.S. Army, and the Office of National Drug Control Policy. Under his leadership, Muse has become a beacon of support and empowerment for aspiring creative professionals and people of color seeking to develop successful careers in advertising.

As the Agency’s Chief Creative Officer, Jo oversees the creative development of advertising at Muse.  Among his numerous international and domestic commendations for creative excellence is ADWEEK Magazine’s designation as the Best Creative Director in the West.  Additionally, The Los Angeles Business Journal selected Jo as one of the top 20 advertising leaders of Southern California.

Muse’s creative work has won key industry creative awards including Beldings, Clios, Andy’s, Kelly’s, Effies, The One Show, and recognition from the West Coast Art Directors Club, Los Angeles Women in Advertising, California Magazine, the Cannes International Film Festival, a John O’Toole “Agency of The Year” from the American Association of Advertising Agencies.  Most recently, Jo was the recipient of Ad Color’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

Jo is active in various professional associations and community organizations, including the American Association of Advertising Agencies, The American Advertising Federation, and the Center Theatre Group.

Jo’s most outstanding achievements are his children Jordan and Aireka, both advertising professionals.  He is married to Carol Fox Muse, a career educator.


Imagine a world where Dr.Martin Luther King and Malcolm X never existed.

Mixed Blessings is a book about race, religion and riots. It is inspired in many ways by race and how we have learned to deal with it - or not deal with it.

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