What's your face value?


What’s Your Face Value?

The word "selfie" became part of the Oxford English Dictionary just year five years ago. Today, your face goes a long way. Sensetime, an artificial Intelligence firm, introduced a filtering tool that automatically retouches people's faces in real-time. This must be dream come true to all the bloggers and influencers out there, but beyond simply saving people time from photoshop edits, this is facial recognition technology that reflects a rapid social change in security, access, payments, and overall identification system. 

All in all, this is AI that's bound to spread globally and we can expect major changes to the social media terrain. Instagram and Snapchat already add filters to faces and there are girls that refuse to take selfies without the filters. So, what about the whole notion of authenticity – a value touted by Millennials and Z-ers?  What does "authentic" mean in a digital world of automatic perfection? And, what will this mean for our society? Will the value of our faces be diminished to just a tool for security and identification?