Behind The Scenes of BTS


Behind The Scenes of BTS

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Hail the "Hallyu" a term romanized from "Hanryu" which literally means the "flow of Korea" or the Korean Wave. From beauty regimes to Korean tacos, South Korean culture is making gains internationally. At the heart of this is K-pop, most notably the raved about K-pop crew BTS (it stands for Behind the Scenes) that gave One Direction a run for their money. 

What makes BTS so popular anyways? 

Traditionally, the international audience squirm away from K-Pop seeing them as overly "cute" and "cheesy." However, BTS seemed to have overcome this obstacle with three factors after a big push from the 2018 Olympics where South Korea used K-Pop to convey Korea as an integrated global culture: 

1. Their hybrid musical style, merging K-pop with hip-hop and EDM, appeal to the masses, featuring collaborators such as The Chainsmokers, Steve Aoki and MNEK. 

2. BTS was re-tweeted more than Justin Bieber and Trump combined in 2017. Kings of Social Media, they tactfully interacted with their audience in a sincere way, resonating through frequent interactions with their fans that pushed the band's exposure.

3. The social media fandom created a group called ARMY, that proves the influence of BTS as beyond idolization but through fan relatability (here are real fans from ARMY) - for Korean speakers, BTS lyrics discuss personal issues that the audience can relate to, and speaks to the current trend of consumers looking for authenticity. The ARMY organization also has English accessibility overcoming any language barriers.  

BTS's sincerity inspires their fans, and through ARMY have cultivated a social movements through charitable funds and events. While some may say BTS is just a momentary fad, there’s no mistake that BTS has disrupted the music industry and beyond. For the Asian community, this is another example of their endeavor for global influence.