Livestream Farm to Table


Livestream Farm to Table

When livestreaming first broke out, branding got a lot more personal - follow your favorite influencers to get a glimpse of their day-to-day life in real-time! Livestreaming quickly became a digital marketing tool for brands and social influencers alike. 

It was a tool especially well-received by the Chinese, and Taobao, Alibaba's C2C marketplace pioneered shopping for products via livestream. Millions of viewers went on the platform to be entertained and shop along. While livestreaming has mainly focused on fashion, entertainment, and lifestyle industries in the past, Taobao once again spearheaded the expansion of livestream shopping, and this time, expanded into the farming industry.

This past April, Taobao-Live highlighted the agricultural industry, cultivating 1,000 farmers from 100 rural counties to become livestream hosts. Consumers can now be a part of the growth of their produce, watch how the eggplants and snap peas were loved and cared for up until they were harvested for sale. Perfect for the current health and wellness trend, livestream brought a more foreign industry like agricultural farming to be a more relatable experience. Amazon and Instagram haven't caught on yet, but we can expect livestream shopping to spread among various e-commerce platforms; it is an online experience that builds on immersive, immediate, and convenient shopping. While human touch is still crucial, brands should take this opportunity to leverage their consumer experience, emotionally connecting with consumers before and after a transaction. 

We all have a story to tell - how is your brand stepping up in the streaming game?