All the Rage


All the Rage

Sometimes you just want to scream.  Or smash something.  Now, you can. 

As the name implies, Rage Rooms are venues where consumers pay a fee to wreak havoc as a method to blow off steam, let out frustrations, or release anxieties.  A session includes protective gear and an assortment of destructive tools like hammers or bats coupled with an variety of items ranging from glassware to refrigerators that consumers can crush, smash, and obliterate to their heart’s content.  

On the surface, these rooms seem like a crude method for people to take out their misdirected or repressed anger, but in reality, they offer people a healthy yet safe way to address their negative emotions and cope with stress. The distinction is important to note as the concept of mental wellness grows as a priority, particularly for young adults in urban areas trying to balance mental well-being with the pressures of surviving city life.

Rage Rooms quickly became “the rage” in China since they offer an affordable means of release where repression and extreme pressure to succeed is rampant and where therapy has a social stigma. The concept of Rage Rooms is growing globally and speaks to the universal appeal of the need for a cathartic release from time to time. Either way, dealing with stress is a necessity… some ways just feel more instantly gratifying than others.