Astroworld. Worth the hype?


Astroworld. Worth the hype?

A look at Travis Scott’s album release campaign

On Friday, August 3rd, Travis Scott released his third widely anticipated and creatively fulfilling album, Astroworld. After endlessly teasing the release, Travis Scott came through flexing. With 17 tracks and the help of a squad's worth of featured artists, producers, co-writers and classic samples - Astroworld can be considered a piece of art carefully crafted and curated beyond expectations. Trust, it's worth taking the time to dive deep and appreciate all the contributors beyond the obvious Drake, Frank Ocean, The Weeknd, Pharrell and Svn Thomas. But it wasn't just the album that called for attention, it's was the campaign experience that led us here.


Travis Scott has been talking this album up since 2016.  While many artists like Beyonce or Kanye began leveraging surprise releases as a method to shock their fans, Travis thoroughly enjoyed hyping up his audience for the big reveal with a self-aware and momentous campaign. He announced the release July 30th (finally). 24 hours later he unveiled his incredibly playful and somewhat controversial album cover art created by David LaChapelle and re-enforced it by placing a gigantic replica of the art on the roof of Amoeba Records in Los Angeles.


Quite the buildup, but that wasn’t even the core of the campaign. He also announced that from August 1st to the 10th he would be dropping exclusive merchandise comprising of 28 pieces that would correspond to, hint at and compliment the album’s tracks in trendy ways. Now, when he said exclusive, he really meant it. With each drop of merchandise, we were only given 24 hours to purchase before it was replaced with a new set from his collection. Needless to say, the music industry was captivated, entertained and starving for the album’s release come Friday. Social media flooded with industry leads reposting the album cover and reviewing Travis for both his musical artistry and design while devoted fans showed off their purchase of his exclusive merchandise accompanied by the digital album and pre-sale ticket access to Travis Scott’s headline tour. 


And the inevitable question is, was all the hype worth it? Listen for yourself…


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