Say Whaaat?! It’s a Watershed Moment for Asians in Hollywood


Say Whaaat?!

It's a Watershed Moment for Asians in Hollywood



The s*** got real as Crazy Rich Asians, the film from Jon Chu, surpassed expectations and grossed $34 million making it the #1 film at the box office this past weekend.  Of the top 100 films of 2017, only 4.8% featured an Asian character with a speaking role.  But the talent obviously exists and Crazy Rich Asians just highlights it, dispelling the age-old misconception that diverse and inclusive talent simply isn’t there.  It’s opened the door for more projects featuring Asians.  In the last week alone, 2 network pilots were sold that feature all-Asian and Asian Americans casts, and Sony Screen Gems and Netflix have committed to such projects creating a social media buzz.  #GoldOpen