Crazy Rich Asians: A Hollywood Milestone or Simply a Stereotyping Chick Flick?


Crazy Rich Asians:

a Hollywood Milestone or Simply a Stereotyping Chick Flick? 

After being long underexposed in the entertainment industry, Aug 15 premieres Crazy Rich Asians, the all-Asian-cast film lavish in glitz and glamour. Since the book came out in 2013, Vogue, Vanity Fair, Wall Street Journal and the likes have all praised the story, but the book-based film raises some eyebrows as well. Yes, as Ricky Yean from Medium mentions, there are overall hopes for a new #AsianAmericanRising,  progress in the media everyone agrees on. Finally! - a storyline conquering the stereotype image of "kung-fu" and "math nerd" sharing a new perspective on how it feels to be a westernized Asian. However, is this a true reflection of Asians and Asian Americans? You see "Hennessy-swirling, cigar-puffing fat-cat Asian tycoons, bitchy shopaholic party girls; blinged out Hong Kong ladies who lunch; un-blinged out Singaporean ladies who lunch. Patricia Park from the Guardian, writes; the title itself "Crazy Rich Americans" begs the question whether this narrative only poses a new - although upgraded - type of stereotype railed up against the old, "placing a disturbing emphasis on eugenics." Some say, “It's not about money or being materialistic, it's about Asian entitlement!”  At the very least it is a splendor of red carpet fashion, and who doesn't love a grandiose movie that's part fashion show part chick lit? Let’s douse ourselves in dynastic power, steely hauteur, and dazzling Asian fortune!