Rewind the controversies of Youtube 2018


Rewind the controversies of Youtube 2018

After a bit of a tumultuous year, Youtube is squeezing in one last controversial event into 2018. Their "Youtube Rewind 2018" currently has 9.2 million dislikes. The company has so heavily edited who and what is shown in the video to appease advertisers that people are crying foul. Some of the biggest events and creators of Youtube are questionably absent from the video. Creators like Shane Dawson, those with infamous controversies like Logan Paul in Aokigahara forest, even Youtube’s most popular personality for over 3 years – PewDiePie – were not invited to the Rewind party.

Why are such memorable people missing from the video that is meant to be a collective recognition of this year’s trends and impactful creators? Viewers are blaming Youtube prioritizing advertisers over their community. In an attempt to showcase their “best” the video-sharing website conveniently left out a majority of content deemed too “controversial.” It displayed the clear divide between how the platform wanted to be seen vs. the culture it hosts. Rather than stay loyal to the viewers and content creators, the company decided to gloss over anything that wasn’t to their liking, and the community is not having it.

The fact that Youtube doesn’t even reference the boxing match between two big personalities – considered the biggest Youtube event of the year – or even invited the creator of their biggest channel is a glaring revelation of their priorities. It’s an attempted censorship that was caught red-handed and is causing the platform to lose the trust of their fans. Is this enough for fans to ditch Youtube entirely? Most likely not, but if they continue to pander to marketers and neglect their users, there may come a time when they have no one to advertise to…

Check it out for yourself below.