Virgil Abloh Strikes Again


Virgil Abloh Strikes Again

Branding a limited-edition champagne like Moet & Chandon’s Nectar Imperial Rose on bus shelters in Chicago may seem counter intuitive to some, but genius to followers of Virgil Abloh. 

The creative visionary created branded bus stops not as a way to connect with bus riders, but as a canvas for creative.  For one month through November 20th, Chicago residents can visit 3 bus shelters that beautifully showcase the product wrapped in hazard tape reading “Do Not Drop,” a message to seize the moment and engage in art.  For one day only, on-site dispensers allow consumers to take home a piece of the hazard tape and use it to decorate their own environment. 

This is all part of the brand’s personalization strategy.  “Personalization is really important to us and shame on any marketer that doesn’t see the value of it and incorporate it into their marketing strategy,” says Christine Ngo Issac, Moet’s brand director and head of consumer engagement.  Unafraid of tainting their 275-year old legacy, Moet is open to evolving by articulating a commitment to push culture forward and stir creativity.   

Of course, with 3.1 million Instagram followers, working with Virgil is a no-brainer when you’re looking to maximize online engagement. 

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